Gerflor GTI Max Cleantech Peler – 865sf


Gerflor Mipolam BioControl Performance Cloud – 675sf


Interface Street Smart SS217 Sidewalk – 120sy


Interface Street Smart SS218 Sidewalk/Naranja – 95sy


Emser Latitude 12×24 Gray – 210sf

The facility hosts a diverse and complex array of laboratories, cleanrooms, gowning rooms, and airlocks that require not only a sophisticated and technologically advanced flooring system but also a highly precise installation.  That is why Texan Floor partnered with Gerflor.  Gerflor offers state of the art flooring solutions for just such a project including cleanroom environments where the upmost quality and performance is mandatory.  Gerflor’s products coupled with Texan’s highly trained and professional flooring installation team were the perfect combination for a successful deliverable for the client on this project.  Texan has the acumen and diversity of skill to complete a project requiring this level of technical execution.  We would love to bring that level of performance to your project.  No project is too daunting for Texan Floor.