Maintenance Procedures

Maintenance Procedures

Micron Film Coatings Cleaning and Maintenance

NeverStrip Micron Film Coatings provide an attractive, easy to maintain surface. These coatings can provide years of quality performance in demanding and even harsh commercial flooring environments.

NeverStrip Tile Seal is designed specifically for ceramic and porcelain. The product provides durable, hard, non-porous films, which keep the soil and particulates from penetrating and allowing soil and marks to be easily removed.

Cleaning and Maintenance Procedures

  • Keeping the floor clean is the MOST IMPORTANT cleaning and maintenance practice to achieve the desired daily appearance and length of time between recoats.
  • The most critical procedure for keeping the floor clean is to AGITATE the floor with water or a cleaning solution with water using a white pad or soft brush followed by EXTRACTION. The agitation suspends the soil in the water/cleaning solution and the extraction removes the soil from the flooring surface. Removal of the soil prevents it from settling back onto the floor.
  • The AGITATION can be done in many ways including: 1) manually with a soft brush or 2) with a 175- RPM floor machine and a soft brush or white pad or 3) with an Astro Turf pad with a oscillating floor machine such as a Square Scrub (www.squarescrub.com); or 4) by employing an auto scrubber with soft brushes or pads.
  • EXTRACTION should immediately follow agitation. Extraction can be done in many ways including: 1) a high quality, commercial wet vac with squeegee or wand or 2) an auto scrubber or 3) a portable or truck mounted rinse and reclaim system. The optimal and most efficient method of agitating and extracting a NeverStrip coated floor is with an appropriate sized auto scrubber with brushes or white pad. This approach agitates and extracts in one step. It is the most labor efficient method and essentially eliminates the possible hazard of wet floors.
  • Examples of various sized, high quality auto scrubbers designed for commercial cleaning are the following:
  • Clean the floor daily as needed with NeverStrip Neutral Clean or equivalent properly diluted 1:128 with water.
  • A traditional dust mop is not recommended, since it quickly becomes full and ineffective.
  • Cotton string mop use is discouraged and not recommended. Traditional cotton string mops are highly ineffective cleaning methods.
  • Clean the floor daily or as needed with NeverStrip’s Neutral Clean or equivalent, properly diluted with water.
  • Periodically, it may be needed to perform a Deep Scrub using NeverStrip Neutral Clean or equivalent and a green scrubbing pad with a 175-rpm floor machine or an auto scrubber. This process will aggressively remove marks and soil, which may not be removed with mopping or a white/red cleaning pad. A green pad typically will not remove the NeverStrip Micron coating; however, the green pad may cause the coating’s sheen to be lowered. A burnishing will typically bounce the sheen back to pre-cleaning levels.
  • If the sheen does not return, then it may be time to apply a new coat or two of the desired NeverStrip Micron coating.
  • Spills are best removed quickly to minimize their staining or damage to the coating, especially with substances such as beta dyne, brake fluid or battery acid and alcohol hand sanitizers.
  • Do not clean Vinyl Seal and Tile Seal with acidic cleaners or acids of any sort.
  • Do not clean NeverStrip’s Micron coatings with acidic cleaners, acids or cleaners containing de-limonene or butyl.
  • Do not use a Magic Eraser or equivalent material
  • NeverStrip’s Micron coatings may be burnished to enhance appearance and shine. The choice of pad is personal preference. 3M Tan or Aqua pads, white burnishing pads, hogs hair and combo pads are often used with good results. Typically, the faster the burnisher the higher the shine. A propane burnisher can be used.
  • Repairs can be done in small areas by cleaning and reapplying 1-2 applications of the coatings and burnishing a larger surrounding area. The products do not need to be stripped in their normal life cycle. Tile Seal and Vinyl Seal may be removed using a Butyl based stripper designed to strip conventional floor finish. Follow standard conventional floor finish stripping procedures.


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